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Pharmacy Services

1. Minor Ailments Scheme: You don’t need to see the doctor

This scheme helps you to go to the pharmacy for simple illnesses and the pharmacist can advise and even prescribe. This will be free if you are eligible for free prescriptions. The following are the list:-

Please note the age group
Allergy / Itch Over 3 years
Athletes’ foot / fungus Over 3 years
Conjunctivits – Acute Over 2 years
Constipation Over 12 years
Contact Dermatitis / Eczema From Birth
Cough Over a year
Cystitis / Urine infection Over 16 years
Diarrhoea Over 12 years
Hay Fever Over 6 years
Ear Wax Over 6 years
Head Lice Over 6 months
High Temperature / Fever Over 3 months
Indigestion / Heart Burn Over 6 years
Insect Bite Over a year
Mouth Ulcer Over 12 years
Body pain / Muscular pain Over 12 years
Nappy Rash From Birth
Nasal Congestion From Birth
Period pain / Menstruation pain Over 12 years
Scabies Over 2 years
Sore throat Over 4 years
Teething Over 4 months
Threadworms Over 4 months
Vaginal Thrush Over 16 years
Verruca Over 3 years
Warts Over 3 years
2. Sending prescriptions to the pharmacy: – The local pharmacies come to collect prescriptions from us. If you wish your prescriptions to be collected by them please inform the pharmacy of your choice. You can then collect the prescriptions from them directly after requesting from us.
Home Delivery of Prescriptions: – The local pharmacists also do home delivery for those who are unable to go in person. Please enquire this with your local pharmacy
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